RockSt★rts® uses a unique, 24-month Curriculum, with 104 different “set lists” to teach something new each week! Familiar favorites are mixed with the proven excitement of new songs each week to create a fine-tuned blend of old and new. Each month, our classes travels to a new destination! The kids take an imaginary musical voyage to each spot on the globe, learning a language, special FUN Facts, and even a song from each one! Our monthly themes range widely, from Feelings to Shapes, from practicing The Alphabet to going on a Safari!

Our “Instrument of the Day” changes with the calendar, bringing a new instrument (usually originating in that month’s Destination) to the kiddies for them to play and experiment with! Some of our most popular instruments include:
Singing Bowl
Electric guitar
Free downloads of the music in class and coloring and worksheets that accompany each unit are also distributed!