Saturday 11/25/ Save on passes and Classes
Passes and Classes Make Great Holiday Gifts
Save more now on already discounted passes:

The Swellness Card- a discounted punch pass that never expires and is great for frequent visitors  and can be shared with siblings!

Sale: 12 pass- 12 swell visits
Price without pass: 12 x 10.00 (per visit) =120.00
Regular discounted price: 90.00
Sale price: 85.00
(paypal fees will apply)

18 pass- 18 swell visits

Price without the pass: 180.00 18 x 10.00 (per visit) = 180.00
Regular discounted price: 150.00
Flash sale price: 140.00
(paypal fees will apply)

The Swell Scholars Program

Price applies for one month of the program and Normal price  will apply the following months
Normal Price: 280.00 with four month contract/ 300.00/ month to month fee
First month Flash Sale price: 260.00 (paypal fees will apply)

Rockstarts Music Class

Regular price: 50.00 per month
Flash Sale price: 40.00 per month
(paypal fees will apply)

Music Class

 Uno, Dos, Tres, Apreder

Regular price: 65.00 per month
Flash Sale price: 55.00 per month
(paypal fees will apply)

Spanish Class